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As a Frenchie lover and owner, there is no doubt that this little creature brought many upsides to my life. For those who still haven’t found a lovely companion, I’m sure that you’ll be glad to hear the following 10 reasons to own a French bulldog.

10 reasons to own a French bulldog that will knock you down
-They are small in size
French bulldog’s portable size makes it perfectly suitable for living in small apartments. They easily adapt do different types of environments. So, whether you want a pet to cuddle or a companion for a walk, a Frenchie will always be a great choice.
-They are affectionate
French bulldog’s affectionate nature is one of the reasons why people adore them so much. They enjoy giving us kisses and sit in our laps just like they are cats. Frenchies are masters of showing love for someone. They tend to strongly bond to their owners, so that’s why they are otherwise called ‘Velcros’.

-Frenchies get along well with other pets
This is also one of the thrilling reasons to own a French bulldog. A Frenchie gets along well both with cats and other dogs. So, if you’re thinking to bring another dog or a feline into your family, this little batpig will make a wonderful friendship with them. Frenchies are highly social beings that like to hang out and play with other pets without caring about their size.
-They don’t need much exercise
Since Frenchies have brachycephalic skulls, they don’t need much exercise. It’s enough to take them for a walk twice a day to satisfy their needs for training and going to potty. Going to strolls is essential since in that way you’ll prevent your pooch from obesity and will keep his joints in a good shape.
-They make a wonderful friendship with kids
French bulldogs and kids will have one of the best friendships in the house. Kids are their perfect partners for crimes since they both have witty and playful personalities. Frenchie’s personality is pretty clownish, so it’s one of the reasons for being a perfect match. Dogs teach kids responsibility and help prevent depression and loneliness.

A Frenchie will be the best friend who doesn’t go away, doesn’t yell, and get angry. It will be a great companion when kids are sad, stressed or nervous too.
-Frenchies bark very little
You’ll rarely hear a Frenchie to bark. They only bark when hearing a doorbell or when they ‘mark’ someone as a threat to their family members. Their sound of barking is often comical, so you can find tons of viral videos of their ‘barking attempts’ on the internet.

-Frenchies are a perfect mix of stubbornness and intelligence
Frenchies are smart and you can’t fool them so easily. When they look like they don’t have the will for living, there is nothing that can force them to do what you want. One of the best reasons to own a French bulldog is the hilarious blend of comedy and stubbornness. It looks so funny when refusing your commands so you’ll barely manage not to laugh.
-They have the most distinctive appearance
Besides they have so many great characteristics, Frenchies are also the kings of uniqueness. They have bat ears, flat faces, and adorable wrinkles that attract everyone’s attention wherever appear. Unlike other Molossus dogs, Frenchies are small in size and have stout bodies.

-They don’t shed much
The low shedding level is also one of the reasons to own a French bulldog. They shed in the spring and fall season but in comparison to other dog breeds, they don’t shed excessively.

-Frenchies are great guardians of their families
Frenchies are surprisingly good watchdogs. They possess a territorial streak and tend to bark only when they want to alert you about something.