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The internet is a great resource to help people find their dream French bulldog puppy; but please keep in mind that online fraud is growing and affecting both “real” French bulldog breeders and “real” people looking for them. Everybody needs to be aware of what to look for and how to make sure they are working with an honest and professional French bulldog breeder.
Please take the time to do your research if you are really interested in purchasing a French bulldog; you should ask as many questions as you can think of so that you can have the confidence that you are dealing with a knowledgeable breeder. You also should make sure a French bulldog is a correct breed for you and your family before proceeding with the purchase.

Always request a site visit to see the puppy in person. Even if this is not possible, just suggesting it will help determine if the breeder is fraudulent. Any legitimate breeder will welcome you to his/her home if you are interested in picking up a puppy in person. If the breeder comes up with some excuse about why a site visit is not possible; stay away from them. If a breeder/kennel does not post a contact phone number on their website, and only wants to do business by email, stay away from them. The supposed “cheap” French bulldog is a myth. Breeding high-quality French bulldogs cost a lot of money and definitely a lot of work. If someone is asking a price that just seems “too good to be true” then don’t believe it. You always get what you paid for.

Never send money via western union, money gram, or any check cashing place. Credit card payments are the best method as most financial institutions do have fraud protection. Research the breeder on the internet. If the breeder does not have an extensive well illustrative and educational website you are running the risk of being scammed. Ask the breeder to send you a picture of the puppy with your name next to the puppy. If it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. Trust your instincts.


French Pet Dogs have also been victimized by underhanded people stealing our puppy/parents’ pictures and trying to pass them off as their own. We at French Pet Dogs only sell direct. If you see our puppy pictures listed for sale by another firm or individual this is fraudulent and illegal. You may find our pictures and information on other websites where we advertise our puppies available for sale but they will not sell our puppies directly to you. All of our advertisement campaigns are design so that you have to contact us directly should you be interested in one of our French Pet Dogs bulldogs